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Operating Procedure to facilitate the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England  - Version 2.1 (06/04/21)

We require your participation and adherence to this procedure which is written in accordance with the reference sources listed at the bottom of the document. This procedure covers all shooting activity taking place at the ground. Please take time to read it. Thank you.

East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground is re-opening to the general public on Wednesday 31st March.

Key points:

  • Pre-booking is essential for competition. Email to book your practice slot.

  • You must sanitise your hands at the gate, before entering/leaving the ground, using the hand sanitiser provided. Hand sanitiser is also available at the club house and on all layouts.

  • Park socially distanced from other vehicles and use the parking behind layouts whilst shooting.

  • You must check in at the entrance to the club house where an automated temperature check will be performed, proof of address requested and your contact details will be taken to assist with 'Track & Trace'. Payment for services will be taken here.

  • The number of shooters per squad is the standard format for each discipline for both practice and competition adhering to the rule of 6.

  • For competitions, shooters in fast trap disciplines are able to referee. However, the ground is continuing to provide referees for all disciplines, unless stated at the time of booking. Referees will brief shooters of any COVID specific processes, prior to the commencement of their first line.

  • Cartridges are available to purchase and can be pre-ordered (Eley, Fiocchi & Clever with proof of valid shotgun licence) and preferably pre-paid.

  • Card (excluding Amex) or BACs payments are preferred. Contactless will be used where possible.

  • The Clubhouse is closed, other than for payment of competition entries, practice and cartridges at the main entrance.

  • Face coverings are mandatory when paying for all services

  • Clay Kitchen is open on weekends with food and drink available on a take out basis. Drinks, chocolate bars and crisps are available to purchase to take out at other times. 

  • Toilets are available with restricted occupancy (face masks advisable). Hand dryers are switched off and replaced with paper towels. Antibacterial soap is available.

  • Doors to all layouts and exterior doors to the toilets,are chocked open - do not close them.

  • Seating has been reduced around the ground to meet COVID guidelines. If you want to sit outside next to your vehicle, we suggest that you bring your own fold up chair.

  • Multiple bins are provided around the ground, so please dispose of your rubbish safely.


  • Do NOT visit the ground if:-

    • you feel unwell or have cold or flu like symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, breathing difficulties, loss or change of smell and taste).

    • you have been advised to self isolate   

    • you are in a high risk category

    • you live with someone in a high risk category

    • you have returned from a country where quarantine is required and you are still in your quarantine period.

  • Before deciding to visit, check your nations Covid alert level to ascertain whether travelling outside your area is advised. 

  • Travel independently to the ground, unless with an immediate family member.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times (2m), following the markings on the ground and adhering to this procedure.

  • Bring your own PPE (if you choose), over and above what is required for shooting.

  • No sharing or selling of equipment by shooters is  allowed on the ground.

  • The purpose of your visit is to shoot, with minimal time spent on the ground

Thank you for your co-operation.

Wash hands, cover face, make space

Version Control History:


Issue Date

Revision History



First version issued




Included a timetable of disciplines, Increased the number of shooters from 2 to 3 per layout, included the option of booking sequential sessions and visiting on multiple days, included the option to park behind layouts.



Included competition, the return to standard number of shooters per discipline and removed disciplines available for practice. Condensed FAQs into key points.



Inclusion of face coverings in the club house & mandatory recording of details for 'Track & Trace'.



Closure of Club House and Clay Courtyard. Addition of temperature checks. Removal of seated catering with 'take out' only. Inclusion of Covid Alert levels. 



Included the reinstatement of seated catering in clay courtyard and the requirement to wear face coverings in clay courtyard.



Change of East Riding Covid Alert status to 'High'.



1. Change of East Riding Covid Alert status to 'Very High' on reopening post England's 2nd national lock. 2. Closure of clubhouse and clay courtyard. 3. Provision of take out food with no seated catering.



Recognition of introduction of tier 4 and ineligibility to visit the ground



Implementation of proof of address.



Re-opening post lockdown three with reinstatement of pre-book practice. 

V2.1 6/4/21 The removal of the requirment to pre-book practice. 



A. Government guidance on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England


C. NHS guidance

D. East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground Risk Assessment




Covid 19 Specific Roles:

Public Health Covid 19 Compliance Officer:  Gill Hall, Tel: 01964 204190, e mail:


Keith Ritchie, Shooter

What’s not to like about East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground? Very much a hands on, family run business where everybody greets you with a smile and a kind hello.

Shooting here is fantastic very much like shooting at some of the best grounds in Europe. Attention to detail is fantastic, all undercover the best and newest equipment and the best targets from Corsivia.

And to top it all, fabulous homemade food from the wonderful Sarah. Pay a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Chris Gibbons, Beginner

We had a great time at East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground. They provided excellent customer service and the facilities are really good too. The manager Sean is a great instructor and made our experience really enjoyable. We would definitely recommend booking this activity and going to the East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground. The whole experience was excellent.

British Shooting

East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground is one of the key facilities used by Great Britain athletes and coaches in training towards Olympic success. The ranges allow for fantastic training environments and the ground is also a host venue for the British Shooting Shotgun Series events. British Shooting is delighted to be a partner of East Yorkshire Shooting Ground

Michael Bovingdon, GB Shooter

Great targets, delicious food, immaculate ground, friendly and professional staff. The perfect day out.

Jamie Wealsby

Had a great time with my 2 sons our instructor Sean made us feel very relaxed as non of us had ever picked up a shotgun before he made the shoot entertaining with a little family competition, we came away with a great experience and will definitely be returning for another session.